Thursday, June 11, 2009

Rant Of The Month

Published May 28, 2009

I have to wonder what goes on in the minds of my fellow Americans these days.
Are their heads buried deeply in the sand? Are their personal worries taking up
all of their time and energy and wasting it? Do so few have the insight and
courage to look beyond their four walls and see the reasons WHY the economy is
so bad? Why people are losing jobs left and right? Why our children's children
will be left paying off a multi-trillion dollar national debt with no rational
excuse other than greed of big business?

My fellow Americans don't just need to wake up. We MUST wake up and we must do
it now.

For starters we the people need to demand a full accounting of where all this
money is being spent and why it is that my children's school has to hold paper,
pencil and even toilet paper "drives" because the powers that be have made so
many budget cuts that schools cannot afford to provide them to the students. I
thought the children were our future – our most precious resource.

For too long "we the people" have not been paying attention to what our "elected
officials" have been up to. Collectively speaking they DO NOT represent us. No,
they represent special interests and big corporations that line their greedy
little pockets with all kinds of bonuses, stock options, and promises of wealth
and power and to add insult to injury, you and I are paying their overblown
salaries as well.

Our once great Nation is corrupt.

We need to have term limits on ALL our elected officials, just like the
President has. No more career politicians like Ted Kennedy who was probably born
in the Senate and will most likely die there as well. I say we fire every damn
one of them right now, after all they work for us, NOT the other way around.

We need to make serving as an elected official on BOTH the state and federal
level a position with either with no pay or very little such as $12,000 a year
tops. That would keep the greed out of our states' and nation's capitols and put
people, real people who really care about their fellow Americans and what this
country once stood for in their place.

Yes, it IS time for change, in fact it is long overdue. We as Americans have let
the wolves guard the henhouse for far too long and we are only now starting to
pay for it.

We need to scale back on all these legislative sessions at both the state and
federal levels. No more "regular" sessions. Get rid of them!


Because with every legislative"session" these corrupt and greedy no good
politicians dream up new and ever expanding ways to take away our freedoms, our
liberty and our money, even this country's very future. Across the nation these
laws and amendments number in the thousands with every year that passes. We are
bogged down by laws, we are not free.

With every law and/or amendment they pass it's one more piece of our freedom
taken away or infringed upon. Them, telling US what we can and cannot do…in a
free country?

There should only be legislative sessions and hearings when there is an absolute
and pressing need that must be addressed and that's it. Too many sessions and
too many laws to justify their overblown salaries and try to look good and gain
more power over "we the people".

Enough. I want MY country back. Most days I don't even recognize it and with
each day it only gets worse. What a legacy for our children, our children's
children, and on and on ad nauseum.

SIGN a petition or start your own! Organize a Tea Party and/or a protest. Don't
worry about the government labeling you an "extremist" they probably already
have for some reason or another. They WANT us to be afraid.

I am confident we will find that our fellow American's are as fed up as we are.
Whatever you do, don't be idle. Don't just sit there waiting for someone ELSE to
do it for you. It's not going to happen unless we make it happen. REAL change
can only start from within each and every one of us and the time for change is

We are paying these greedy slugs to desecrate our Constitution and the memory of
our fallen brothers, sisters, fathers and ancestors fought and died for. If
nothing else do it for their memory and in their honor and for the future
generations of this once great nation.
From Operation Awareness -

Editor - Brian Yates -

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