Friday, December 18, 2009

Judge "Joke" Judy

Here is an interesting and truthful article about this well-known TV judge with a mouth larger than her brain.
 Apparently, Judge Judy (Judith Scheindlin) is more interested in ratings than the truth when she rudely blabbers out inaccurate legal statements to plaintiffs and defendants on her show, especially when Judy shouted out false information regarding former sex offenders, claiming all are dangerous and that most re-offend, ignoring the fact many are listed on registries for non-violent crimes like nude sunbathing and Department Of Justice research finds that very few re-offend (don't ya love those vote-starved politicians who conveniently hide these facts?).
  The show is a scam, like others out there, designed to pull in nice profits with sensationalism. People (aka "sheeple") need to realize how bad the corporate media has become and turn off these brain-dead programs that add nothing to the quality of life, and in reality, tarnish it.
Click here to read this revealing statement about Judge Judy.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Fascist Florida

Florida appears to be about the top state when it comes to fascist sex offender laws. Everyone listed on the state registry is lumped into the same category, no tier system exists. Right now, a teenager caught "sexting" on his cellphone is listed right next to a man who violently raped several children! Even dead people are included on Florida's skewed registry and how that keeps communities safe is beyond me.
In Miami, former sex offenders, many of which have committed non-violent offenses, have been forced to live under the Julia-Tuttle Causeway bridge for about three years until the ruthless politicians went a step further and booted them out, claiming they were situated too close to a "park" that was actually an island that has no park-like structures (i.e. swings). The ACLU filed a lawsuit challenging this claim, but to no avail.
Apparently, there are many corrupted politicians holding office in this state who care nothing about public safety but care plenty about advancing their own careers (fear-mongering is an effective vote-magnet).
Two-faced attorney Ron Book, realizing this human rights violation was gaining media attention, visited the people living under Miami's rat-infested bridge. He made empty promises claiming he would find homes for them. Well, to date Ron hasn't done this, but he has lobbied to go even further with zoning laws even though it has been proven zoning laws are useless.
So now, approximately 100 people (including one woman) are very close to being, if they are not already, homeless in the state after Miami-Dade county has pushed them out from under the bridge. Hard to believe this Nazism is going on in America, but indeed it is.
Here is an episode from American's Reality Check that interviews some of the people who lived under Julia-Tuttle. You'll get to know more about them and what awful conditions they had to endure. Again, do keep in mind that most (if not all) of them are far from being predators. In fact, the only crime one man committed was having a 15-year-old girlfriend when he was 18. Now he has a family who are just as traumatized by these laws as he is. When the biased media uses harsh crime definitions like "sexual assault of a minor", that includes teenagers who had consensual relationships with other teenagers only a few years apart in age, like in this man's case.
The program is available as a download and I recommend listening to all of it, especially if you are just now learning about this ongoing human rights disaster in the "Sunshine State".

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Fear mongering about predators a fresh horror for Halloween

A good read from Canada about American hysteria at Halloween time.
Just keep in mind that, as stated in previous posts, many people listed on registries here are non-violent individuals like Wendy Whitaker who had consensual sex with a 15-year-old when she was 17 and is now forced to register the rest of her life in Georgia.
Have a great common sense Halloween everyone!
Article :
Fear mongering about "predators" a fresh horror for Halloween

Monday, October 26, 2009

Flip-flopper John Walsh

Just want to point out how much of a hypocrite the host of "America's Most Wanted" truly is.
Here is a quote from John Walsh : "We tried so hard just to make this for serious sex offenders.""
Oh really John? Then why did you change your mind by supporting the inclusion of many non-violent people like Wendy Whitaker in Georgia whose only crime was having consensual sex with a 15-year-old when she was 17?
Oh that's right, big bucks are involved, silly me. You just bought MySpace for 500 mil with more inflated claims this social networking site is exploding with pedophiles even though legitimate researchers disagree.
Well John, I assume you are enjoying the wealth you've made off of unwary people.
I realize many have sympathy for what happened to his son Adam, as do I, but the fact is poor Adam was not sexually molested by his abductor nor was his abductor a registered sex offender. Adam Walsh was horribly beheaded and the murderer died in prison years ago. So why is John concentrating all his energy on widening the registry with thousands of non-violent sex offenders instead of making it exclusive to vile murderers and genuine predators? You guessed it, money, cha-ching!
Fear-mongering is an excellent way to get rich quick, the corporate media knows it, corrupt politicians know it, and obviously John Walsh knows it. Sexual abuse scares people more than plain old murderers do, so why not make a fortune by sensationalizing pedophilia? It's the perfect scam, mystery solved. Yes, sexual abuse is awful, but most of it comes from people the victim already knows, not from strangers.
OK, I'll wrap it up about flip-flopper John Walsh for now. Just wanted to set the record straight for those who watch too much CNN.
Read more about Wendy Whitaker here.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Kid Streaks At Football Game, Now Could Be A "Sex Offender"

by Lenore Skenazy (
Hi Readers: Yes, one of two kids who streaked at his local high school football game could now be required to register as a sex offender. Same list you’d find Jaycee Dugard’s rapist on. But, hey, it’s only for 10 years!
Only 10 years of not being allowed to live near a school or park. Only 10 years of being turned down for most jobs. Only 10 years of being seen by anyone checking the Sex Offender Registry as a guy who regularly goes around exposing  himself to minors.
These registry rules are as ridiculous and inflexible as the rule that would have sent the Cub Scout with the fork/spoon/knife off to two months of reform school for what was clearly a minor offense, if an offense at all. The over-the-top penalty was no doubt cobbled to keep kids “safe.”
They sure are safer now. All hail inflexibility! — Lenore
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Cults And ID Theft

The fine people over at Absolute Zero United and Perverted Justice are still e-mailing us involved with civil rights causes spoof e-mails claiming they are from a well known company such as Twitter with headers like "Cindy has sent you a message on Twitter". However, if you click any hyperlinks in the message, you'll be re-directed to a site they developed just to steal your personal information (i.e. pass-codes or social security number) and use this information to defame you and perhaps your whole family.
That's not all they do. Just visiting one of their spoof sites will likely provide them with your full IP address invisibly, so even if you don't click on any links or fill out a web-form, they can still find out who you are and where you live then use that data against you.
Plus, some members actually use your information to sign you up for illegal websites which you may have never heard of before. Isn't it amazing how far ID theft can go?
Therefore, if you are a civil rights activist or supporter, make sure you look over incoming messages thoroughly before you click through any links or even respond (yes, they can even obtain your full IP address from a just reply e-mail). Fortunately, I have tracking software installed, but if you're system is lacking this I recommend forwarding spoof e-mails to law enforcement.
Why do these people engage in such awful practices? Well, you have to understand that AZU and PJ, among other groups, are cultists of the worst kind. They hide under the mask of "protecting the public" when in reality they are more interested in protecting themselves from all the crimes they commit under this bogus front. How many times have we heard about prominent members of task forces that bust the "bad guys", only to discover they were committing the same crime themselves? It's sort of like a whodunit movie, where the real criminal is the one you least expect.
There is money involved too. Who doesn't want a superhero to fly in and keep their communities safe? It sounds like a worthy cause to donate your hard-earned money to, right? The problem is these people are really wolves in sheep's clothing who only pocket your donation dollars while often turning you against individuals who pose no threat to your community (i.e. teens who were charged with "sexting" crimes). Thus, "Superman" is actually a sort of Pied Piper Of Hamelin leading the unwary villagers to their doom.
Fortunately, some members from these cults have been arrested and lawsuits are currently pending against them for ID theft, stalking, cyber-bullying, slanderment, and even violence against law-abiding citizens and their families. But a more intense spotlight needs to shine on them because there are still plenty of cultists from these organizations roaming around on the Internet and perhaps in your own neighborhood. A number are associated with neo-Nazism, which does make sense being their twisted values are quite similar by nature. These folks hide their own identities for obvious reasons, sometimes using your identity instead. However, most police are aware of ID theft and will ignore fake reports sent in to them. Police just need to arrest more people responsible for ID theft.
My final advice is to use caution when giving out personal data on the Web to organizations you are not familiar with and to use secure browsers like Firefox with security add-ons like Web Of Trust. Just keep in mind that what you don't know can hurt you. So be wary.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

OTB - Youthful Sex Offenders

Draws attention to the criminalization of adolescent sex.

Youthful Sex Offenders

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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Lunsford Files

This is a news segment from MSNBC about Mark Lunsford's son, Joshua, who sexually fondled a 14-year-old girl. He only served 10 days in jail and does not have to register as a sex offender. Also, Mark Lunsford himself downloaded child pornography to his home computer the night before Jessica was horribly raped and murdered (on file with Florida Attorney General). Mark never had to register either. He has stated the registry should only cover real predators, not teens having consensual sex. But wait, Mark only says this about his son, not other teenagers who commit the same crime.

Meanwhile, thousands of non-violent men, women, and children are forced to register (including teenagers who had consensual sex with other teenagers - The registry is obviously in need of reform.
Corrupted politicians want to scrub these facts, but the truth will be heard...
  Video segment courtesy of Sex Offender Issues.
  Related Article : Questions Surround Lunsford's Advocacy

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Rant Of The Month

Published May 28, 2009

I have to wonder what goes on in the minds of my fellow Americans these days.
Are their heads buried deeply in the sand? Are their personal worries taking up
all of their time and energy and wasting it? Do so few have the insight and
courage to look beyond their four walls and see the reasons WHY the economy is
so bad? Why people are losing jobs left and right? Why our children's children
will be left paying off a multi-trillion dollar national debt with no rational
excuse other than greed of big business?

My fellow Americans don't just need to wake up. We MUST wake up and we must do
it now.

For starters we the people need to demand a full accounting of where all this
money is being spent and why it is that my children's school has to hold paper,
pencil and even toilet paper "drives" because the powers that be have made so
many budget cuts that schools cannot afford to provide them to the students. I
thought the children were our future – our most precious resource.

For too long "we the people" have not been paying attention to what our "elected
officials" have been up to. Collectively speaking they DO NOT represent us. No,
they represent special interests and big corporations that line their greedy
little pockets with all kinds of bonuses, stock options, and promises of wealth
and power and to add insult to injury, you and I are paying their overblown
salaries as well.

Our once great Nation is corrupt.

We need to have term limits on ALL our elected officials, just like the
President has. No more career politicians like Ted Kennedy who was probably born
in the Senate and will most likely die there as well. I say we fire every damn
one of them right now, after all they work for us, NOT the other way around.

We need to make serving as an elected official on BOTH the state and federal
level a position with either with no pay or very little such as $12,000 a year
tops. That would keep the greed out of our states' and nation's capitols and put
people, real people who really care about their fellow Americans and what this
country once stood for in their place.

Yes, it IS time for change, in fact it is long overdue. We as Americans have let
the wolves guard the henhouse for far too long and we are only now starting to
pay for it.

We need to scale back on all these legislative sessions at both the state and
federal levels. No more "regular" sessions. Get rid of them!


Because with every legislative"session" these corrupt and greedy no good
politicians dream up new and ever expanding ways to take away our freedoms, our
liberty and our money, even this country's very future. Across the nation these
laws and amendments number in the thousands with every year that passes. We are
bogged down by laws, we are not free.

With every law and/or amendment they pass it's one more piece of our freedom
taken away or infringed upon. Them, telling US what we can and cannot do…in a
free country?

There should only be legislative sessions and hearings when there is an absolute
and pressing need that must be addressed and that's it. Too many sessions and
too many laws to justify their overblown salaries and try to look good and gain
more power over "we the people".

Enough. I want MY country back. Most days I don't even recognize it and with
each day it only gets worse. What a legacy for our children, our children's
children, and on and on ad nauseum.

SIGN a petition or start your own! Organize a Tea Party and/or a protest. Don't
worry about the government labeling you an "extremist" they probably already
have for some reason or another. They WANT us to be afraid.

I am confident we will find that our fellow American's are as fed up as we are.
Whatever you do, don't be idle. Don't just sit there waiting for someone ELSE to
do it for you. It's not going to happen unless we make it happen. REAL change
can only start from within each and every one of us and the time for change is

We are paying these greedy slugs to desecrate our Constitution and the memory of
our fallen brothers, sisters, fathers and ancestors fought and died for. If
nothing else do it for their memory and in their honor and for the future
generations of this once great nation.
From Operation Awareness -

Editor - Brian Yates -