Thursday, November 12, 2009

Fascist Florida

Florida appears to be about the top state when it comes to fascist sex offender laws. Everyone listed on the state registry is lumped into the same category, no tier system exists. Right now, a teenager caught "sexting" on his cellphone is listed right next to a man who violently raped several children! Even dead people are included on Florida's skewed registry and how that keeps communities safe is beyond me.
In Miami, former sex offenders, many of which have committed non-violent offenses, have been forced to live under the Julia-Tuttle Causeway bridge for about three years until the ruthless politicians went a step further and booted them out, claiming they were situated too close to a "park" that was actually an island that has no park-like structures (i.e. swings). The ACLU filed a lawsuit challenging this claim, but to no avail.
Apparently, there are many corrupted politicians holding office in this state who care nothing about public safety but care plenty about advancing their own careers (fear-mongering is an effective vote-magnet).
Two-faced attorney Ron Book, realizing this human rights violation was gaining media attention, visited the people living under Miami's rat-infested bridge. He made empty promises claiming he would find homes for them. Well, to date Ron hasn't done this, but he has lobbied to go even further with zoning laws even though it has been proven zoning laws are useless.
So now, approximately 100 people (including one woman) are very close to being, if they are not already, homeless in the state after Miami-Dade county has pushed them out from under the bridge. Hard to believe this Nazism is going on in America, but indeed it is.
Here is an episode from American's Reality Check that interviews some of the people who lived under Julia-Tuttle. You'll get to know more about them and what awful conditions they had to endure. Again, do keep in mind that most (if not all) of them are far from being predators. In fact, the only crime one man committed was having a 15-year-old girlfriend when he was 18. Now he has a family who are just as traumatized by these laws as he is. When the biased media uses harsh crime definitions like "sexual assault of a minor", that includes teenagers who had consensual relationships with other teenagers only a few years apart in age, like in this man's case.
The program is available as a download and I recommend listening to all of it, especially if you are just now learning about this ongoing human rights disaster in the "Sunshine State".

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