Friday, December 18, 2009

Judge "Joke" Judy

Here is an interesting and truthful article about this well-known TV judge with a mouth larger than her brain.
 Apparently, Judge Judy (Judith Scheindlin) is more interested in ratings than the truth when she rudely blabbers out inaccurate legal statements to plaintiffs and defendants on her show, especially when Judy shouted out false information regarding former sex offenders, claiming all are dangerous and that most re-offend, ignoring the fact many are listed on registries for non-violent crimes like nude sunbathing and Department Of Justice research finds that very few re-offend (don't ya love those vote-starved politicians who conveniently hide these facts?).
  The show is a scam, like others out there, designed to pull in nice profits with sensationalism. People (aka "sheeple") need to realize how bad the corporate media has become and turn off these brain-dead programs that add nothing to the quality of life, and in reality, tarnish it.
Click here to read this revealing statement about Judge Judy.

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