Thursday, October 22, 2009

Cults And ID Theft

The fine people over at Absolute Zero United and Perverted Justice are still e-mailing us involved with civil rights causes spoof e-mails claiming they are from a well known company such as Twitter with headers like "Cindy has sent you a message on Twitter". However, if you click any hyperlinks in the message, you'll be re-directed to a site they developed just to steal your personal information (i.e. pass-codes or social security number) and use this information to defame you and perhaps your whole family.
That's not all they do. Just visiting one of their spoof sites will likely provide them with your full IP address invisibly, so even if you don't click on any links or fill out a web-form, they can still find out who you are and where you live then use that data against you.
Plus, some members actually use your information to sign you up for illegal websites which you may have never heard of before. Isn't it amazing how far ID theft can go?
Therefore, if you are a civil rights activist or supporter, make sure you look over incoming messages thoroughly before you click through any links or even respond (yes, they can even obtain your full IP address from a just reply e-mail). Fortunately, I have tracking software installed, but if you're system is lacking this I recommend forwarding spoof e-mails to law enforcement.
Why do these people engage in such awful practices? Well, you have to understand that AZU and PJ, among other groups, are cultists of the worst kind. They hide under the mask of "protecting the public" when in reality they are more interested in protecting themselves from all the crimes they commit under this bogus front. How many times have we heard about prominent members of task forces that bust the "bad guys", only to discover they were committing the same crime themselves? It's sort of like a whodunit movie, where the real criminal is the one you least expect.
There is money involved too. Who doesn't want a superhero to fly in and keep their communities safe? It sounds like a worthy cause to donate your hard-earned money to, right? The problem is these people are really wolves in sheep's clothing who only pocket your donation dollars while often turning you against individuals who pose no threat to your community (i.e. teens who were charged with "sexting" crimes). Thus, "Superman" is actually a sort of Pied Piper Of Hamelin leading the unwary villagers to their doom.
Fortunately, some members from these cults have been arrested and lawsuits are currently pending against them for ID theft, stalking, cyber-bullying, slanderment, and even violence against law-abiding citizens and their families. But a more intense spotlight needs to shine on them because there are still plenty of cultists from these organizations roaming around on the Internet and perhaps in your own neighborhood. A number are associated with neo-Nazism, which does make sense being their twisted values are quite similar by nature. These folks hide their own identities for obvious reasons, sometimes using your identity instead. However, most police are aware of ID theft and will ignore fake reports sent in to them. Police just need to arrest more people responsible for ID theft.
My final advice is to use caution when giving out personal data on the Web to organizations you are not familiar with and to use secure browsers like Firefox with security add-ons like Web Of Trust. Just keep in mind that what you don't know can hurt you. So be wary.

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